MTM-Hosen aus Italien

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Good evening gentlemen,
I wanted to let you know that Nicola will come to Paris in June for a trunk show.
Let me know if you could join.
Nicola will take measurements and show all the fabrics available.

For your information, Nicola will be in Paris on the 15th of June. Should you have any chance to join let me know.

I update this topic as an offer is available until the end of July.
For what Nicola calls a "classic" pair of trousers, the price for labour is decreased to 110€ (still handmade of course).
The "classic" features:
- belt loops (no Gurkha nor side adjusters)
- pleats at your choice
- coin pocket
- bottom cuff at your choice

You can provide your fabrics or choose from a selection offered by Nicola