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Hello, my name is Marcel and I'm addicted. Addicted to great suits, good shoes, interesting ties and elite watches. As you know, such addiction still makes you look for new things and buy them. Unfortunately, as I grew older, it became increasingly difficult to find things that I liked. And if I like it, I found the price too high. That's why I decided that I would try to produce things myself that I want, and that it would appeal to other fans of menswear. That's why I founded a company that sews neckties. The assumptions were two - highest quality at the most affordable price. That's my passion, not a business, so I do not have to make much money and become a millionaire.
I am glad that I have found such a good place where I can meet similar enthusiasts.
What do I like outside of menswear? I love sport when I was younger, I played professional basketball for a while, now I play tennis and ride road bike. I earn money for my passion while working as a lawyer.
I apologize for my bad German language skills. Unfortunately, I do not speak this language and use Google Translate. I hope you forgive me my mistakes : Oops: