Zampa di Gallina, die neapolitanischen Eleganz


We would like to share with you a new step for Zampa di Gallina. We decided to right a wrong by opening a section for women.

We are starting with the fabulous gloves from the last traditional glove-maker Omega whose gloves need about 25 operations from the cutting (without a cutter, it is all hand made with a pair of scissors) to the last stitching.

The gloves are 100% aniline lambskin and the cashmere lining is densely woven on the mountain sides of the Vesuvio for better warmth and for a longer endurance.

BBH_2076.jpg BBH_2077.jpg BBH_2078.jpg BBH_2079.jpg BBH_2080.jpg BBH_2082.jpg

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Kann jemand einen Qualitätsvergleich der Francesco Marino Krawatten zu Shibumi ziehen? Oder ist Shibumi vielleicht sogar F.Marino?