Zampa di Gallina, die neapolitanischen Eleganz

Hallo Gentlemen,

Today we woould like to introduce you our Polo Shirt, one of the most famous and iconic elements of the Agnelli's Defintion of Cool. Our interpetation of this mix of a shirt and a polo leads us to keep the fondamentals of the polo shirt (half cuttaway collar, colar stays, four buttons, shirt cuffs) and to add a touch of comfort with a mercerized cotton from Tessilmaglia. The polo shirt has a medium body lenght for good proportions. As the perfect compromise between elegant style and casual chic, the Polo Shirt can be worn with a suit but also in a summer mood with a bermuda shorts and a pair of driving shoes. French Riviera Style !






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Hallo Gentlemen,

We are happy to introduce the new collection from Omega Gloves. These are unlined gloves in peccary in brown and black, and unlined lambskin gloves in Gold and Black.





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We acknowledged your concerns about the shipping fees and we decided to offer Free Shipping for Deutschland und Osterreich (und Luxembourg for those who live there).
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Just to put it straight: My concern wasn't the shipping fee per se, but the fact that I paid € 18 while the actual shipping costs were only € 5,20 (stamp).

Nonetheless, free shipping is, of course, much appreciated. Thank you!