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Hallo zusammen,

Gerne möchte ich Ihnen meinen neuen Online Shop - Sons of Henrey - vorstellen:

My name is Tom, I am a shoe aficionado from Belgium. German is not my first or second language, so please allow me to continue in English.

I set up Sons of Henrey to be a contemporary footwear brand, committed to producing a shoe of timeless elegance, at exceptional value. I have spent close to two years developing Sons of Henrey. The lasts are our my designs, as are the patterns. Many of the leather choices are supplied directly by me to the factory in Spain.

Please use discount code Stilmagazin for a further 5% off.

We offer:
  • Goodyear welted production in Spain
  • Custom designed lasts, produced by Springline Ltd.
  • Carefully created patterns
  • High quality leather from European tanneries (Conceria Zonta, Tannerie Haas, Du Puy,...)
Pictures will explain a lot to show what you can expect from Sons of Henrey.

Please see below one of our most popular models, which is the Harvey Captoe Oxford on the Soft Chisel last. Made out of very high quality suede from Conceria Zonta, with vegetable tanned leather sole, leather lined, slightly bevelled waist, set edges, stacked leather heel, reinforced eyelets, heel decoration, custom nail pattern on the heel. Fudge wheel is our own design. Counter has a single stitch line, as seen in the pictures.

Thank you for looking! I am happy to answer to any questions you may have.






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Sons of Henrey

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Hi everyone!

A little update:

The Chukka boots in Parisian Brown suede and the Split Toe Derby in Vegano Marron are now discounted at -10% and -20% respectively.


We also launched a new group order for the Cortès (Adelaide Oxford) in Mink suede (a dark brown suede from Tannery Zonta, the same tannery that is used by Edward Green and G&G). We are looking for 6 people to join the group order.

Link to the group order:

As always, the coupon code 'Stilmagazin', is valid for all purchases. The discount rate is now also -10% instead of -5%!


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ich hole diesen Thread mal nach oben, um nachzufragen: hat dort bereits jemand an einem group order teilgenommen? Wie waren die Erfahrungen mit dem Ablauf und gibt es Erfahrungen mit der Qualität der Schuhe?
Danke für alle Antworten!
Viele Grüße, Uwe


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Ich bilde mir ein etwas über SoH von Vladimir Riché gehört zu haben. (Chace&Ryder) an sich habe ich mir die Website von SoH mal angesehen und sie Schuhe sehen sehr vernünftig aus. Aber bei Youtube Persönlichkeiten ist es immer etwas schwierig einzuschätzen, wie sehr die Monetären Argumente mitspielen