MTO/MTM Neapolitanische hemden


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Dear fellow forumers,

I'd like to bring to your attention an opportunity to get handmade Neapolitan shirts at advantageous conditions.
A friend in Naples has just opened his Laboratory and when I told him about the forum community, he asked me to relay his offer to help growing his activity.
I can't give his name as he's still working for a famous camiceria and don't want him to be in an uncomfortable situation.

The shirts are made the traditional way with the following 8 steps by hand
They feature MOP buttons, misaligned seams under the armholes, gussets,...

Here's the size chart from which you can either decide to go for standard size or adjust each measurement as you'd like

You can choose the collar type :

As well as the cuffs

The price is 175€ or 450€ for 3 shirts paid in advance.
Production lead time is 4 weeks.

Hope you'll find it interesting !

More to come in the following post


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Shoulders, back and cuffs can be made with or without shirring

A quick picture of one of my shirt on the Chianti collar (sorry, only open)

I'll follow up with pictures of the fabrics asap

Don't hesitate to DM me for further information