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Jeeves Store

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Big announcement: we have added our latest and biggest feature yet to the website.

In an effort to simplify the ordering process, and to reduce the heavy MTO workload on the workshop, we now offer the entire Vass collection through our store, from classic Budapesters to the more modern U and F last double monks. There is a production time of 8-10 weeks, but they are amazing value at 540 USD excl. VAT for a pair of handwelted shoes.


You can choose to have shoe trees included, and wether or not to add toe taps. More details such as a change of lasts, or the addition of a Goyser, can be discussed through email but will make the shoes as a MTO.

We are yet to find a better name for this part of the site, as well as add a few more models, and definitely add more pictures per model (unfortunately more pictures don't exist just yet, but hopefully soon!).

Also, some things might change to it in the future, such as price mainly, but we'll see what the future holds for Vass and I hope not having to increase prices too soon.

Some highlights:


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